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About Our Mobile Pet Grooming

It's our pleasure to share our love of pets with everyone we meet, especially dogs! Whether you're at home or away, you can trust us to take care of your furry friends with all the attention and love they deserve. Be assured that we will treat your pets as we would treat our own, with all of the kindness and patience they need. Our goal is to make grooming more convenient for owners, while making it a pleasant experience for dogs and yes, cats.

Mobile Pet Grooming has countless benefits! It creates a less stressful experience for your pet. Here are some of the benefits of Mobile Pet Grooming:

  1. Undivided Attention. Your pet has our undivided attention because there's not other pets.

  2. No Kennels. There's no need because there are no other pets.

  3. Speedy Grooming times. Dogs are done straight through, no other wait times.

  4. Convenience. It's the convenience! We complete the whole service in front of your home so you are just one step away from your pet.

  5. Healthier for your Pet. Elderly & disabled pets do WONDERFULLY! Minimal to zero exposure of other pets. Your pet is NEVER in contact with other animals, & remains in a clean environment.

We are Olive's Mobile Pet Grooming

Meet Your Groomer

Tracy Francis is your pet groomer!

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Professional Pet Groomer

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